The Arborflex system has been designed to give the most versatile collection of chainsaw trousers, providing the best option whatever the job.
Not all working conditions are the same, weather variations, tasks and different safety requirements may change daily and so would the type of trousers and protection required. With the new Arborflex system you can change the level of chainsaw protection and the style of the outer layer whenever the need or desire arises. The outer skin can also be worn as a stand-alone trouser when chainsaw protection is not necessary.
Arborflex, for a multitude of options - find out more below.

Base Layer

The Arborflex Base is the layer worn under the 'Skin' to provide chainsaw protection. The bases are fully certified and available in Type A, Type B and Type C.

Skin Layer

The Arborflex outer layer or ‘Skin’ can be worn as a stand-alone trouser for outdoor activities. When combined with an Arborflex base layer they become a fully certified chainsaw trouser.

Replace the outer skins once they've become damaged.

Fully functional waterproof chainsaw trouser for the wet days.

Own a number of outer skins to suit the task.

Skins can be washed and dried over night.

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