Big Canopy Campout

These products are for sale as a means to raise money for people and projects dedicated to protecting forests worldwide. The items for sale are selected to represent our community of climbers and outdoor enthusiasts and offer the chance to not only become part of a community of forest ambassadors but also contribute and support others in their efforts to keep these wild spaces safe.

For our forests

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Big Canopy Campout Limited Edition DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric

We are really excited to announce the first of two DMM products that will be on sale to raise funds for the Bob Brown Foundation for this years Big Canopy Campout Event! This first product was chosen to celebrate the world of tree climbers, their professions and the evolution of climbing systems.

In support of the Bob Brown Foundation and recognition of the work carried out by tree climbing activists worldwide we teamed up with DMM to offer a product specifically for tree climbing that represents the huge advances in equipment development over the last two decades.

You can find more details on DMM’s website and the Product Information PDF

We have 250 limited edition Hitch Climber Eccentric's in the bespoke Big Canopy Campout colours up for grabs with proceeds going towards funding future tree - sits that have proved crucial in the protection of native old growth forest in Australia.

Check out the story behind how and why the Eccentric came to be in our Blog We’d love to see you using the Eccentric and hear your stories, tag your photos and media @canopycamp


XSRE Lock Captive Bar

These stunning compact carabiners are a brand new addition to the market and a perfect companion to any climbing harness, backpack or camping kit.

The screw-gate allows for the first time that these lightweight but strong connectors can safely store items of importance and the removable captive bar offers added security that holds the carabiner in place to its point of connection. Excellent for use on climbing harnesses, spliced rope, dog leads, camera equipment, key rings and more!

You can find more details on DMM’s website and the Product Information PDF

We’d love to see you using the XSRE in everyday life, tag your photos and media @canopycamp


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